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Techwear Sunglasses 2019

SS19 collections are out and that means the prime techwear season is almost over. Six months of grey skies and perfect ACG parka weather have dwindled with the melting snow. Summer is coming and with it all the associated issues for those of us wearing tactical street wear on the daily. While spring and summer have their challenges, with the right sunglasses, you can keep dark techwear vibes going all year, no matter how hot it gets this July.

Tech Battalion has put together a collection of the best techwear sunglasses for 2019. They’re built with innovative materials and forward thinking features, with the right mix of cyberpunk and tech aesthetics to support your fits as the days keep getting brighter.

Deadball by Dragon Alliance

Modern take on classic Glacier glasses, these frames are just low-key enough to wear to the office, but have enough edge for your most hardcore Insta fits. The round frame and full shield lens provide full UV protection in all environments.

  • Lightweight Injected TR90 Frame
  • Voodoo Lens Technology
  • Available with Ion Mirrored Lenses
  • 100% UV Protection
  • CAM Hinges
  • Medium Fit

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Glacier by Vuarnet

Iconic style with technical superiority, these sunglasses are future-proof and will work with a wide range of techwear fits. From dark urban tactical to darkwear to grey man looks, this pair has you covered.

  • Lens Category 3
  • UV Protection: 100%
  • Visible Light Absorption: 90%
  • Harmful Blue Light: 99%

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Road Glacier by Electric

This innovative design uses perforated steel mesh eye shields in place of more traditional leather giving a much more futuristic look and improved function. The frame features interchangeable/removable eye shields and the lens protect you with performance enhancing lens coatings and melanin infused polycarbonate lenses. 

  • Double action hinge system
  • 100% UV protection
  • Up to 98% blue light protection
  • 99.9% Premium glare reduction
  • Visual Light Transmitted (VLT): 10%


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Leandro Glacier by Serengeti Eyewear

Featuring magnetic removable eye shields, these sunglasses quickly switch from Instagrammable tech look to grey man invisible aesthetics. The matte black frame blends with any environment and gunmetal polarized lenses protect you, no matter how dystopian the future.

  • Mineral lenses with borosilicate optical glass
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Medium fit
  • Injected Nylon TR90 frame
  • Anti-reflective coating

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P'8592 by Porsche Design

Fierce neo-utilitarian style with foldable design for concealed portability, these frames have the features and functionality to truly embody techwear philosophy. The frames are composed of 7 sub-elements that fold down, on the ready for tactical deployment or urban survival.

  • Titanium frames
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • 100% UV protection

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Voyage by Aether x SALT

Utilizing new materials, this collab from Aether & SALT brings performance and aesthetics. The frame is memory metal, to reduce the likelihood of frame fractures and the lens shields use a medical grade silicone, to create a bomb proof pair of sunglasses you can take anywhere.

  • Japanese titanium front frame and beta-titanium temples
  • Polarized and photochromic lenses
  • Adjustable titanium nose pads
  • Vented side shields

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